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We introduce you to a world where your practical skills matter more than your university degree. A world where you get unique opportunities to carry out your major project/thesis work and advance your research knowledge in various sectors. A world which enables you to interact with Scientists/Researchers/Industry experts and jointly address the challenging problems. A world where you do not have to wait till 21 to taste your first work experience & get surprised that it is nothing like you had imagined it to be. A world where you go out fully assured, fully confident, and fully prepared to acquire a great place in the industry.

Benefits you get with Intern4Sure.

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We help you land at the best internships.
We help in career enhancements.
We help you get the best hands-on training.
Every student is ‘Unique’.

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Intern4Sure has been helping students for more than 2 years to land at the best internships where they have experienced a great career transformation in various sectors. We’ve helped them in staying ahead of the curve, bringing innovative thinking and well-defined processes and finding new ways to make a difference.

Looking for a career transformation?

" If you start doing what you REALLY want to do, you start getting what you REALLY could never have imagined. Go Fly !! "
— Sushant Singh Rajput

To honor his memory and legacy

Intern4Sure decided to set up a scholarship named 'Sushant 4 Science' to support young talents by providing internships/workshops sponsored by Intern4Sure in the areas close to his heart majorly into Space Science and Technologies.


What can be better than an internship at your DREAM company?

An internship at India’s most prestigious organizations can be one of the most life-changing experiences that you should definitely hold on to. Have more questions? We’re happy to help out!

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to equip you with the right skills to take off your career.


Best Internships

We help you land the best internships at prestigious institutions such as IITs,  government organizations like CSIR Labs, BHEL and popular organizations.


Hands-on Training

We provide you a mix of online training and hands-on experience to gain real experience in solving problems and creating solutions for real problems.


Career Guidance

We guide you on your career – let it be finding internships, enhancing your skill set, landing dream jobs, or suggesting the next steps for your career journey.