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I’ve faced that chaos. It’s the chaos of features, ideas and dreams that clouds your basic idea — the problem you’re solving. One of the ways through that chaos is to sit down and answer the 5 questions below:

Simply researching the subject on your

However, this may be a huge problem

When you request help from these, it

Although the primary concern is that you may be facing serious fiscal constraints at times, the simple fact remains that there are visit portal occasions when we get stuck with little income in any way.

demonstrates that you’re respected.

as you might simply not understand exactly what to write about and how to get started on your project.

personal computer, will frequently be more powerful than using a college professor recommend what you should study.

Simple right? You’ve to be certain of the questions below, before going to the next stage. Below are the questions, explained.

By way of example, we’ll be using a Netflix/Prime/Hulu recommendation app — that tracks your series movies views and does a better job of recommending series/movies for you to watch.

What makes your product better than any other similar product?

Here you’ll determine what differentiates your product. Simply put, if your product is doing something better than those in the market, you’re likely to attract those users into your product. Competition analysis is important here. Use the competitor products for a few days to understand how they function, what they lack, before you put the features here.